What if Luke had lived in the 20th Century?
Perhaps, his account of space exploration would resemble Space Acts.

Acts of the Holy Spirit Revealed in the Exploration of Space

About the Author - Jerry Woodfill 



With the popularity of THE MARTIAN, a story of retrieval of an astronaut, left on Mars, I was reminded of a novel I’d authored almost a decade in the past. It was, similarly, about an international crew of astronauts stranded on the moon, thought to be deceased. Rather than trying to profit from its sale, if, in fact, any publisher would be interested, I’ve chosen to enter the novel as a free e-book online. This is principally because I believe the story is altogether educational STEM-wise and FAITH-wise. Please read the book by clicking here, and recommend it to others. I know you will enjoy the story. Likewise, you will be engaged in its Apollo-like technology and prophetic account. My principle reviewer was none other than the FIDO for Apollo 13, Jerry Bostick, source of the famous quote FAILURE IS NOT AND OPTION as well as the catalyst for the movie APOLLO 13. (Jerry’s son Mike worked for Ron Howard at Universal Studios and recommended Ron make a movie of Jim Lovell’s book LOST MOON, AKA, APOLLO 13.) And, perhaps, a Christian movie director/producer might see the merit of cinematizing LAST DAYS ON THE MOON just as the novel - THE MARTIAN was made into a movie. Because the book is fraught with space technology, it may not engage some readers fully, unless, they, like I, sometimes simply skip space tech passages to focus on the plot.


Obviously, after reading a score of pages and knowing the author’s background, readers will understand the content is fashioned to be "faith-building." They will recognize the characters are adapted from the author’s non-fiction experiences space-wise and faith-wise.

Indeed, often character Justin Lewis’ recollections are true experiences cited from the author's career as Apollo’s Spacecraft Caution and Warning System Project Engineer. Likewise, the evangelistic content is the sum of the author’s Christian faith.

Much deals with what some call testimonies. Often, these actual incidents are as fascinating and compelling as the fiction written into LAST DAYS ON THE MOON. Likewise, their genesis is historic space program happenings. Additionally, this is true for scenes dealing with spacecraft, rocketry and the laws of science. Most are clones of real events in the lives of the author, flight controllers, NASA engineers, and astronauts during the Apollo days of the 1960s and early 1970s.

Being in NASA’s employ for more than five decades provides an abundance of anecdotes giving spice and entertainment to a science fiction novel. In fact, the content is a wealth of material for secondary school history fairs, oral history accounts, and Hollywood movies. The author has contributed often to these three topics.

Perhaps, the content will enhance science fiction in sort of a docu-space-sci-fi sense. Michener’s book SPACE was a type of that kind of docu-space fiction. To a lesser extent was Tom Wolfe’s non-fictional THE RIGHT STUFF. Wolfe used actual people and experiences in his narrative.

The old author’s adage of “write what you know” seeps like a leaky garden hose into LAST DAYS ON THE MOON. Often the leaks are more compelling than the spray from the hose nozzle.

Perhaps, actual tales of space yore should be footnoted as such. This would distinguish fiction from those which are fashioned on fact. But let the reader judge what category: each person, event, and situation falls into as the trials and traumas of Eagle II’s crew unfold.

AND, always, remember…Justin Lewis has an alter ego. If not the author’s, then Christians; past, present and future. This is in the sense that Jesus Christ is the same, yesterday, today, and forever. When Justin Lewis speaks, acts, prays, and feels, a “great cloud of witnesses” is tele-operating him.

Oh, as stated in the beginning of this treatise, that’s the reason for naming this the FORTH-WORD. Each person who reads Last Days on the Moon, The Masada Threat is urged to go forth with the Word Justin speaks throughout the 300 pages of the story.

The Author (Houston, Texas - October, 2015

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Want an exciting 21st Century read based on a biblical background? LAST DAYS ON THE MOON – THE MASADA THREAT won’t disappoint. It’s written in the style of a Tom Clancy novel. The characters, technology, and near-future world events are fashioned to increase one’s faith and captivate fiction lovers. This is a 300+ page “story-tell” with an unforgettable-provocative plot. Though copyrighted, the e-book is offered for free online reading. * (Online access reading only, i.e., not to be downloaded and installed on other media storage, or to be sold nor otherwise offered by public domain registration Internet websites.) This is an exciting tale of space exploration, international intrigue, and prophetic end-time events.

For a "God's Eye View" of space and terrestrial exploration, click on any of the following SPACE ACTS:
The rescue of Apollo 13, the lunar landing of Apollo 11, the tragic Challenger and Columbia missions, the voyages of Columbus, and the Mayflower


Click here for an excellent .pdf booklet of lesson plans using science fiction artwork and covers to teach science in the classroom. This was presented as a session in the SPACE EDUCATION EDUCATORS' CONFERENCE (SEEC) at Space Center Houston by Jerry Woodfill in early February of 2013.

Address to College Graduates: An Apollo 11 or Apollo 13 Future?

Reflections on my 70th Birthday, October 22, 2012

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The NASA Educator Engineer, a STEEM* Story
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*Science, Technology, Education-Engineering and Mathematics

by Jerry Woodfill

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John Glenn's 50th Anniversary Commemorative YouTube Video
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Apollo 13's Rescue: Television Interview of Jerry Woodfill, Apollo 13 Warning System Engineer
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President John F. Kennedy's Rice Stadium Moon Race Speech Recreation YouTube Video
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Apollo 13's Battery Charge Miracle

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Apollo 13 Space Acts Educational Activities

Click on any of the following SPACE ACTS:
The rescue of Apollo 13, the lunar landing of Apollo 11, the tragic Challenger and Columbia missions, the voyages of Columbus, and the Mayflower


An Amazing Correlation:

The Voyages of Columbus and Apollo 13

List of free Space Exploration Programs by Jerry Woodfill for your group. View the space race in song program by clicking below.

Click here for Jerry's biographical information.


Origin of famous quote: "Failure is not an option."

Universal Studios Releases APOLLO 13 as IMAX MOVIE

Former Apollo 13 Warning System Engineer Jerry Woodfill Designated National Spokesman to Christian Media for Apollo 13 IMAX Experience. Click here for a recent interview.

Universal Studios and the IMAX Corporation have now (September 20, 2002) released an IMAX version of the movie APOLLO 13 in IMAX venues around the country. Click here for an essay on why you should consider seeing it again, or, for the first time. Click here for WHAT REALLY HAPPENED TO APOLLO 13, and in Spanish here. To go to the IMAX Website featuring the release of Apollo 13, the IMAX EXPERIENCE, click here .

The Stir That Saved Apollo 13

Attention: A new discovery is explained about why the explosion of Apollo 13 happened in such a fortuitous manner, at a time and distance from Earth when a rescue was possible. Had routine "stirring of the cryos" been done every 24 hours, the explosion, likely, would have happened after Jim Lovell and Fred Haise's first moon walk when no rescue would have been possible. Click here to read about it.

Wanda's Prayer for Apollo 13

The final hours of the Apollo 13 rescue were the most perilous. A hurricane loomed in the Pacific threatening the landing site, the gyros had insufficient warmup to perform accurately, and the angle of reentry was unpredicatable. Read this moving account of how prayers by a group of school children overcame all these obstacles. Click here for WANDA's PRAYER FOR APOLLO 13.

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The Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) website featured the Apollo 13 rescue story among the site's AMAZING STORIES . To see and hear this testimony, click here for a Microsoft Media Player streaming version of the 6 minute clip of Jerry's 700 Club program.


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