You mention "Elvis Impersonator" to most people and they immediately think "comedy act" and imagine a bloke in a homemade jumpsuit, bad wig and sunglasses, mumbling his way through Hound Dog!

Jerry Woodfill is not exactly that bloke, however, that’s what makes his Rocket and Roll Space Race Show so enjoyable and different, i.e., it is a Rocket ‘n Roll Space Race Show custom designed to entertain and educate.

The show was first conceived at NASA’s Johnson Space Center to attract employee’s attendance at the annual Automation, Robotics, and Simulation Division Safety and Health Day program.  Past years saw 30-40 of a potential 100 plus audience present, but Jerry’s “Hard work and creativity in developing and executing the innovative fun, and informative program” resulted in a standing room only audience of 100…and  most stayed  the entire show.  So successful was the program that other NASA JSC groups requested the video in hopes of replicating it for their future programs.  


Click here for a brief video of hi-lites from the program held at the Johnson Space Center for Safety and Health education emphasis.


The 35 minute show is a Power Point  Program including Jerry’s narration and singing of his guitar accompanied songs.  (Only a screen is needed.  Jerry brings his projector and computer to display the Power Point slides.)

Contact Jerry Woodfill for Complimentary Show at:

 281-474-2974 (H)  or 281-483-6331 (O)






(Click on Song for audio preview.)

Playlist: Rocket and Roll Space Race Show

A Tribute  to the Legends

 of the Space Race and Rock and Roll


Intro: Space Race Dog 

[Elvis Presley - Hound Dog] 1956

Rocket  Around the Earth

[Bill Haley – Rock Around the Clock] 1955

The Cold War: What’s Wrong with Us 

[Elvis - I’m All Shook Up] 1957

Nikita Khruschev: Rant On

[Buddy Holly - Rave On] 1958

Vanguard Explosion: Terror of NASA ROAD ONE

[The Cheers - Black Denin Trousers] 1955

NASA Rocket Abort Videos: Flaming Ring of Fire

[Johnny Cash – Ring of Fire] 1963

“The Flopnik”: Winning is Only Make Believe

[Conway Twitty – It’s Only Make Believe] 1958

Soviet Dog Laika’s Launch: Had  a Dog Named Laika

[Ole Blue – Peter, Paul and Mary] 1963

Chimp Ham’s Launch: Nothin’ But a Muttnik

[Elvis – Hound Dog [Muttnik]] 1956

America’s Chimps in Space: My Little Astro-Chimps

[Elvis – Good Luck Charm] 1962

Downing of U-2 by Soviets: Poor Little Jets

[Ricky Nelson – Poor Little Fool] 1958

Yuri Gagarin, 1st Man in Space: Don’t Be the Lonely

Audience Participation Song

[Only the Lonely – Rob Orbison] 1960

Mercury Missions: Return to Orbit

[Return to Sender – Elvis] 1962

John Glenn, 1st American in Orbit: Yaw Around 

[Turn Around  Glen Campbell] 1961

President John F. Kennedy Rice Stadium Speech 

Reenactment Speech Video (optional: 5 minutes) 1962

JFK Inspires the Nation: At the Top

[Danny and the JuniorsAt the Hop] 1957

Apollo One Tragic Pad Fire: Our Way

[My Way – Paul Anka] 1967]

NASA Recovers From Tragedy: I’m a NASA Man

[I’m a Travelin’ Man – Rick Nelson] 1961

Apollo 8 Orbits Moon: Make a Ring Around the Moon

[Wear My Ring – Elvis] 1958

Neil Armstrong Leaves for Moon :  Today’s  the Flight

[It’s Now or Never  Elvis] 1957

Finale’, Summary and Conclusion: The Astronaut Band

[Jailhouse Rock – Elvis] 1957


* * * * * * * * * *


(Optional) Jerry was present in Rice Stadium, Sept.12, 1962, as a Rice Student. President Kennedy’s Space Race Speech that day inspired Jerry to become a NASA employee.  As the Apollo Program’s Warning System Engineer, Jerry participated in the landing of Apollo 11 at JSC as well as the rescue of Apollo 13.  He recreates a five minute version of JFK’s Rice speech for educational interests.



Above Left: President John F. Kennedy delivering Rice Stadium Space Race Speech

Above Right: Jerry Woodfill delivering recreation of JFK talk for audience.


Contact Jerry Woodfill for Complimentary Show at:

 281-474-2974 (H)  or 281-483-6331 (O)