Space Exploration Programs*

Jerry Woodfill

Former Apollo 13 Warning System Engineer

(Programs and presentations are complimentary)

*Engagements only within 75 miles of the Johnson Space Center

1. The Rescue of Apollo 13 (Jerry shared the Presidential Medal of Freedom as part of the NASA rescue team).


              2. The Space Race (Jerry was in Rice Stadium as a student when President John F. Kennedy delivered his historic Space Race Speech…the program includes Jerry’s five minute recreation of JFK’s talk and his involvement in the space  race as the Apollo warning system engineer).  The third program is a musical version of the space race program.

Click here for the rock show Handbill and Playlist of songs.
Click here for a brief video from the Rock and Roll Safety and Health Show created to emphasize healthy safe practices at the Johnson Space Center.
Click here for the 40 minute program: Rock'n Roll Space Race Show by Jerry Woodfill.
Click here for Jerry Woodfill's dramatic recreation of President John F. Kennedy's Rice Stadium Space Race Speech given September 12,1962 (Jerry was present as a student).



              3. 'Rocket  and Roll Space Race Show.  It includes  rock’n roll songs of the 50’s/60’s with satirical lyrics recalling  the space events of the era. Jerry sings and accompanies himself on the guitar.  An adapted version of the show recently received an excellence award from the NASA Johnson Space Center.

              4. The Voyages of Columbus and Apollo 13 was first given to the Houston Power Squadron, a group of nautical enthusiasts with chapters throughout the United States.  It highlights the amazing correlations between both voyages of exploration utilizing video clips along with projected images and graphics. 




5. Ivan and Little Star.  This is a program designed for grade school children (Pre-school to grade 6). The program bases its content on the Russian spaceflight of a mannequin (Ivan Ivanovich) and a small dog (Little Star) on a one orbit flight.  The flight of March 25, 1961 was a few weeks prior to Yuri Gagarin’s launch as the first man to orbit Earth (April 12, 1961). Jerry has written a folk song commemorating the flight which he performs, accompanied by his guitar. The 30 minute talk is accompanied by a power point show relating the history of the space race and the flight of Ivan and Little Star..

Comments about the SPACE RACE Program: You are the best! So inspiring.  Excellent speaker. Very motivational with great information. Great! What a wonderful speaker.  We should all get a video copy!  One of the most enthusiastic and enjoyable speakers I have heard at a workshop.  Never a dull moment! Very inspiring! Motivating! This was really good.  What a great speaker! Enjoyable.  Fantastic speaker. Motivational!  He is awesome!  Very passionate about space.  I appreciate his ability to use space and his experiences…  I could sit and listen to him again and again.  He is so inspirational.  He is so enthusiastic. He shares his love and enjoyment with all of us and inspires us to be better.  What an inspiration!  Great speaker.  Great motivation.  Fantastic! So inspiring!  Wonderful slides and stories.

Jerry was phenomenal! The students loved him, he’s incredibly knowledgeable  and entertaining.  Students and TA’s from other classes drifted into the doorway so they could listen as well.  I wish I could have Jerry all the time for events. (Comment from Challenger Center, Houston Museum of Natural History.)

To schedule one of these free programs for your club, organization, or church fellowship, contact Jerry at 281-474-2974 (Home) or 281-483-6331 (O)