Remember the

Planets in Order


There are planets numbering nine.

Listing their names would be just fine.

But that’s easier said than done.

So here’s a way to make it fun.

Memorize this saying as your clue,

And you can name all of them, too.


Memory Saying:  Make very easy money.  Just save up new pennies.

(Use the pictures as a reminder of the clue words.)






(E)asy  (M)oney






piggy bank


(S)ave (U)p




 (N)ew (P)ennies.


* * * * *



Make is for Mercury, who makes an orbit closest to the Sun.




Very is for Venus the very hottest one.



Easy  is for Earth, an easy place to live, and what’s more!




Money is for Mars.  It takes lots of  money to reach planet four.


Just is for Jupiter just  because it’s the biggest we know about.



Save is for Saturn.  "Save us a trip there,  we shout.



Up is for Uranus whose satellites are up overhead.



New is for Neptune. Yes,  new rhymes with its color blue, not red.



Pennies is for Pluto, a cold penniless place…


What  a neat  way to name the planets in space!






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