The Spirit of Liberty, the Liberty Bell and Liberty Bell Seven


What Really Happened to Gus Grissom's Liberty Bell 7

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It began with the declaration of liberty set forth by America's forefathers, July of 1776. Emblazoned about the bell's perimeter were the words of God extrapolated from Leviticus 25 : 10. " And ye shall hallow the fiftieth year, and proclaim liberty throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof: it shall be a jubilee unto you; and ye shall return every man unto his possession, and ye shall return every man unto his family." Only the italicized text appears on the 2080 pound metal artifact. Like the motto affixed to the United Nations headquarters which cites the beating of swords into plowshares and the lion lying down with the lamb, the Bell's script misses the biblical meaning altogether. Neither the liberty inferred on the Bell nor the peace suggested by the UN's motto are meant as social and political freedom and peace. The words speak of the advents of Christ in His first and second coming. His words were, "If the Son shall set you free (at liberty), you shall be free indeed." He added, "My peace I give you not as the world giveth."

Nevertheless, the ringing of the revolutionary belltone must have set forth a spiritual message in the heavenlies, heard by things in the Earth, above the earth, and under the Earth. Things that "took notice" that a battle in the spiritual realm would henceforth rage for a nation "under God" set forth to accomplish His purposes on Earth.

Among the Hebrews, the year of Jubilee denoted a setting free of spirit, soul, and body. Debts were retired, servants released, sins forgiven for those living under the covenant. Christ would be the fulfillment of this Jubilee...when He appeared on the planet. Those who shared in His sacrifice by faith would be at liberty not for a mere half century, but for ALL ETERNITY!

And so several thousands of years later, a nation was birthed proclaiming this liberty...its Liberty Bell denoting the promise imparted to prophets of old through the Holy Spirit's still small voice. Perhaps, a special messenger of Satan was assigned the task of planting an imperfection in the casting, such that a crack would appear at the onset of the E flat chime. Yet, the flaw would be a reminder to all : the continued mission set forth by the founders would be a battle of the spirit. There would be those in the spirit and natural realm intent on defeating those who strived for the liberty proclaimed by the Gospel : "Rejoice therefore in the liberty whereby Christ has made us free."

The naming of Gus Grissom's spacecraft LIBERTY BELL was another opportunity for the father of flaws, the author of accidents, to ply his gift. In this sense, is it any surprise that the hatch of Grissom's craft mysteriously activated, sinking the vessel, nearly drowning its passenger? Consider this scenario among those responsible for the loss of Gus's spacecraft.

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