What if Luke had lived in the 20th Century?
Perhaps, his account of space exploration would resemble Space Acts.


"...set thy nest among the stars."

by Jerry Woodfill

Click here for a video explanation of the biblical correlation between the Great Seal and a Bible verse predicting the moon landing by Americans.

Reflect on these things:

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* THREE MEN TEAMS designed America's Great Seal.
THREE MEN TEAMS flew America's Moon missions.

*An EAGLE was chosen by our forefathers as the seal's emblem of America.
An EAGLE was chosen by our astronauts as their seal's emblem of the first manned lunar landing.

*A JAMES LOVELL helped design the eagle - bearing American seal in 1780.
A JAMES LOVELL, the astronaut, suggested an eagle for the first lunar landing's seal in 1969.

* JAMES LOVELL, the patriot, led his design team in contributing the number 13 to the American Seal.
JAMES LOVELL, the astronaut led his crew as commander of the Apollo 13 lunar mission.

* HOUSTON, a man, helped JAMES LOVELL design the American seal as a member of the 18th century team.
HOUSTON, a team of men, helped the man, JAMES LOVELL return to Earth when he called, "HOUSTON, WE'VE HAD A PROBLEM," after Apollo 13 exploded in 1970.

* An EXPLOSION of 13 stars with smoke clouds and light flashes appears above the EAGLE on the American Seal.
An EXPLOSION of Apollo 13, among the stars, with smoke clouds and light flashes appeared above the EAGLE'S lunar lander remains in 1970.

* THOMAS PAINE, the eighteenth century author, was the spokesman for the .American Revolution.
THOMAS PAINE, NASA's Administrator, was the spokesman for the American lunar landing program.

* SIX YEARS elapsed from the first design to the first imprint of the American Seal's eagle (1776-1782).
SIX YEARS elapsed from the first design to the first lunar landing of the American moon-ship eagle (1963-1969).

*FOURTEEN men participated in the design and casting of the American Seal.
FOURTEEN astronauts would have participated in walking on the Moon were it not for Apollo 13's explosion.

* There were TWELVE American astronauts who walked on the Moon.
There were TWELVE disciples of Jesus, TWELVE apostles, TWELVE tribes of Israel and TWELVE gates to the city of God described by the apostle John in the book of Revelation.

* An ancient leader, Obadiah, FORETOLD 2600 years ago an "eagle setting its nest among the stars" (Obadiah 1:4).
An American President John F. Kennedy FORETOLD in 1961 a lander nesting on the Moon by the year 1970.

* Obadiah's message SPOKE OUT AGAINST Israel's adversary, Edom.
John F. Kennedy's message SPOKE OUT AGAINST America's adversary, the Soviet Union.

The lunar EAGLE had EYES ( windows for viewing), LEGS (for landing), A MOUTH ( hatch for crew egress), and set A NEST (the Eagle's nest - shaped descent stage remains among the stars as Obadiah foretold).

and finally,

* Obadiah prophesied that the eagle would be brought down from its place among the stars by God.
The rescue of Apollo 13 has been called:

"The Mission When the Whole World Prayed."

Consider these things.

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