What if Luke had lived in the 20th Century?
Perhaps, his account of space exploration would resemble Space Acts.



Prayer was so convincing as the reason for the Apollo 13 rescue that a group of space center workers convened a weekly prayer meeting. Included were many participants in the recovery of the crippled spacecraft. Scales of unbelief fell from the spiritual eyes of these learned space scientists. The men applied the formula that worked for Apollo 13: asking, believing, and receiving answers to prayers launched in Jesusí name. For example, when the Houston Oilers' quarterback failed to respond to medical treatment, the NASA brothers employed an innovative approach. Sending one member to the Oilerís hospital room, the group met for backup prayer at the agreed time, 12:00 noon Thursday. "It was sort of like the Apollo 13 rescue," one member shared. "Prayer is like telemetry. You can send requests and receive responses from heavenís mission control center." In this case, God answered. The HOUSTON POST reported the miraculous recovery in the sportís section the following day. Suddenly, the hopeless injury no longer existed. Medication was eliminated, and the quarterback remained healthy.

At the onset, meetings convened in a courtyard separating the Public Affairs Office and Visitorís Center. The theme was Paulís admonition and pronouncement that, "I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth." (Romans 1:16). For a season, bowed heads of several dozen prayer warriors served as a significant witness for Christ at the Johnson Space Center. However, a point had been made. Houstonís weather became a distraction as hundreds passed by during the 30 minute lunch period.

A recess in the corridor adjacent to the Visitorís Center 800 seat auditorium became a suitable prayer closet. There, as many as 15 members gathered, seated on a padded bench and the surrounding floor tile. Only members and invited guests knew of the Thursday noon meeting place. However, another was very much aware of the location. He showed his pleasure in a fashion no member would have expected. Mysteriously, above the groupís meeting place, appeared an oil painting.

The art depicted a lunar scene. Cradling a Bible in his arms, a space-suited astronaut stood in the company of a kneeling robed and bearded man, a likeness of Christ. Head bowed in prayer, the Christ figure held a wine chalice. In the midst of the composition was an hourglass. The deposited sands of time contained the Greek letter ALPHA with the letter OMEGA resurrecting from the upper reservoir. ("I am the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the ending...[Rev. 1:8]") The sceneís composition suggested Apollo 11ís lunar communion as well as the reading of Genesis from lunar orbit on Christmas Eve of 1968. In effect, the scene depicted Christ interceding for Americaís space program. As such, it represented the groupís ministry of intercession. Investigation revealed that the Public Affairs Office knew nothing of the group's existence. The painting had been hung, "Where the light was right."

Painting displayed at the Johnson Space Center Visitorís Center by artist Pilar Rubin


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