If  Stones Can’t Cry Out in Space of Jesus, a Dummy Will


Jerry Woodfill





Luke 19:38-40

“…blessed be the King (Jesus)…peace in heaven, and glory in the highest…I tell you that if these should (be silent), the stones would immediately cry out.”


            Those pharisees who denied Jesus was alive, in Earth and heaven (space) were much like those Soviet Communists who told those who believed in Christ to “shut up.”  But Jesus rebuked them saying that even the stones would immediately cry out that He was the Messiah…”in heaven, and…in the highest.”  Indeed, it was foolish for those who challenged Christ’s glory in heaven  to say  that “God was Dead.” Yet, the Soviet Premier Nikita Khruschev proudly bragged that his cosmonauts had seen no evidence of God in the heavens of space. 

            Nevertheless, God had a subtle way of proving them wrong. Not only would He proclaim Himself as alive to the world, He would proclaim His Son Jesus as well.  It would not be an American astronaut who would cry out His existence, instead it would be the first cosmonaut-like man in orbit.   No, it was not Yuri Gagarin, the first man to orbit Earth, or even the American Astronaut John Glenn.  Rather, it was a man-made dummy manikin named  Ivan Ivanovich. 

            In March of 1961, weeks before Gagarin’s orbit of Earth, a small dog named Little Star accompanied Ivan into orbit.  The dummy did more than assure a safe journey for Yuri Gagarin.  IVAN in the original Russian/Slavic tongue means “GOD IS GOOD!”  Indeed, God had witnessed His presence in space even though Ivan’s senders said he was dead.  No, the rocks didn’t exactly cry out as Jesus’s predicted, but a dummy did in the space age. 

            And even more telling is the meaning of the full name Ivan Ivanovich.   Ivanovich has the meaning, “The son of Ivan.”  Therefore, Ivan Ivanovich means, “The son of the God who is good.”  And who other can that be than Jesus Christ the Son of our gracious God?  Wow!   What a wonderfully subtle way God had of honoring His only Son through a space program that described His Word as a “cunningly devised fable, an opia of the People.”  How the Lord must have chuckled when that man-like cosmonaut was first to orbit Earth!  It was, in effect, the Lord’s name-sake, a manikin named after Jesus Christ, the Lord.  One sees, who was the real dummy, and it wasn’t Ivan Ivanovich!

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