Apollo 13’s Duct Tape Song

by Jerry Woodfill - Apollo 13 Warning System Engineer

Done in the style of Desert Pete by the Kingston Trio.


 (Verses spoken – Chorus Sung)

        C                                     F                                                       C

Well, their spaceship exploded two hundred thousand miles in space

                F                                       C              G                       C

Too few  CO2  round filters meant death was in their face.

          C                                                            F                 C

But their  damaged mother ship had plenty that were square

F                              C               G                                 C

How to  fit those squares  into  a round hole  was their prayer..


So, they looked ‘round that spaceship to find a way.

And found  something that just might save the day.

No Rocket science would they need for this device

It was  an old roll of duct tape that would work very nice.



                    G                                                       F                 C

You’ve got to USE WHAT “YOU HAVE, have faith and believe

                   G                                    F                     C

It’s the plain  things in life all are blessed to receive

F                                        C           E                 F

Failure’s no  option,  when  life’s problems  show  up.

          C                          AM                      F    G                         C

Cause simple things will help us  Give thanks for everyday stuff..


So [C]they grabbed those square filters [F]and took that gray duct tape[C]

Along with [F] a spacesuit hose[C]  and [G] moon rock bags to mate[C]

And[C] while mission control worked [F] to do the [C]same.

It [F]was that on board  [C]  duct tape [G] that had won  the game.[C]


No [C]need  for rocket science [F] or theoretical computations [C].

That roll [F] of sticky adhesive [C]  defied  [G] all [C]  mascinations. 

A [C] solution  [F] for every unforeseen [C]  test.

Don’t ever be [F] without  it [C]  cause  duct tape  always  [G] works the best.. [C]


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